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Christmas Themes

Featuring a fabulous variety of festive styles, check out our amazing collection of great value Christmas decorations.

Available in a wide variety of styles from the traditional and vintage to modern and unique, make your home stand out and excite friends and family, getting them into the festive spirit, with our quality Christmas decorations.

Ski Chalet

Indulge in the enchanting allure of our Ski Chalet Christmas theme, where flocked trees and wreaths harmonize with soft hues. Santa, adorned in a snug jumper, shares the scene with charming owls and deer, adding a touch of woodland magic to your festive décor. Fabric items like cushions and ribbons further enhance the cozy alpine atmosphere, creating a delightful holiday haven.

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Natural Noel

Welcome to "Natural Noel," where the magic of Christmas comes alive with nature-inspired decorations. Explore our collection featuring charming owls, cute deer, festive trees, and timeless Santa accents. Embrace the beauty of the season with these natural wonders that add a touch of woodland enchantment to your holiday festivities.

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Christmas Tartan

Christmas Tartan evokes a sense of tradition and warmth, making it a popular choice for those who appreciate a classic and cozy holiday ambiance. You can just imagine inviting friends and family to gather and celebrate the season surrounded by these comforting colours and patterns.

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Winter Whisper

“Winter Whisper” is a beautiful serene and elegant Christmas theme that combines the enchanting beauty of winter with the calming hues of Wedgewood and denim blues complimented with rich champagne. This theme captures the essence of a tranquil winter wonderland, creating a sense of calm and timeless elegance throughout your Christmas décor.

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Swan Lake

Embrace the elegance and enchantment of the timeless ballet classic, Swan Lake, by adorning your home with this gorgeous Swan Lake-theme. Dreamy creams, classic golds and rich champagnes are combined to create a truly magical atmosphere. The stunning bows are one of our favorites' this year.

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Winter Palace

Crisp white and silver is combined with beautiful olive and mint green to create a truly magical experience.

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White Christmas

We are all dreaming of a white one! Create your own dream at home with this timeless classic collection.

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Teal/Cream Gold

For all you teal lovers out there (us included), this collection will certainly create a warm glow in your home.

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Hampton Christmas (Blue/white)

We love our New England/Hampton style so much at Home Gallery, we have four trees decorated this year. Who doesn’t like the gorgeous combination of denim blues, whites and creams used to stunning affect for a very calming vibe.

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Navy & Champagne

This theme uses Navy and champagne to stunning effect and this year we have added some opulent patterned material as seen on the fabulous fur trimmed boots, tree poinsettias and acorns. One of our favourites this year.

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Always a favourite, but this year we have added the gorgeous Gingerbread boys and girls in their stunning outfits. Its sure to bring joy to your heart.

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Classic Christmas

A collection of rich reds and precious golds. This collection will bring a bright and luxurious look to your home.

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Christmas Cottage

Combining deep reds and dark green, together with a brown/beige rustic vibe, this collection will be sure to bring a smile to your face.

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Christmas Blush

Displayed to stunning affect this year with our pale grey dining and cabinet collection. If you are wondering how to make your grey walls pop, this collection is the answer.

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Chalet Noel/ Christmas Chalet

Imagine staying in a snow capped ski resort, an open fire crackling and everyone relaxing with their winter jumpers and maybe a hot drink or two.

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Candy Cane Lane

For the inner child in you. One can get carried away with such choice, from the delicious lollies and candies to the playful dears and eye catching nut crackers. So much choice. How will you choose?

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Burgundy & Champagne

Deep bodied burgundy is twined with vibrant champagne colours, to create a winning combination. It just oozes style and substance.

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Artic Christmas

A combination of light woods, pale blues, crisp greys and silvers, creates a very calm and natural vibe. The natural wood decorations with pained fronts are really beautiful and a great keep sake to have every year.

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